Love Is Love | Rescued Animals Thanking Their Rescuers ♥️ #shorts #youtubeshorts

Love Is Love | Rescued Animals Thanking Their Rescuers ♥️ #shorts #youtubeshorts

Love is a universal language… but we express it in different ways 💚⁠
“Every species here at the refuge shows love in different ways! Of course there’s always exceptions because just like us humans, each animal resident is unique and chooses how and when they want to express affection. ♥️⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁠
Trust and love is something that’s worked on daily around here as many of our rescued animal friends came from situations where they were not shown that. In order to build that relationship with them it’s important to know how each of them express love or how they want to receive love ♥️ For instance, while some pigs don’t mind it, most wouldn’t want you to come up and give them a big hug as that’s scary for them, but a cow might just hug you right back!”⁠
Which one of these sounds like your preferred love language? 💜⁠

🎥: Farm Animal Refuge

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