Male Goose Adopts Two Orphaned Goslings! 🥰 #shorts

Male Goose Adopts Two Orphaned Goslings! 🥰 #shorts

We love CousCous and his personality, but this gesture filled our hearts 🥰

“CousCous the GooseGoose adopted two orphaned wild Canada goslings in May 2022. I’m not sure what happened to their parents, but given the coloration of the goslings, I know for a fact that they are not his biological offspring.

Geese are amazing parents and have been known to sometimes adopt babies from other species. Unfortunately, these babies disappeared shortly after these videos were taken. This park is famous for predators and little birds are the main targets 💔

It was an honor for me to see CousCous, a goose I have known for many years, help baby geese in need. He is a special boy.”

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