Marshall the Pig Saved From Slaughter ๐Ÿท

Marshall the Pig Saved From Slaughter ๐Ÿท

Marshall the pig was going to be sent to a slaughterhouse, but now he is safe from human harm 🐷 However this isn’t the case for most pigs, who are usually killed by the time they are 6 months old, just a fraction of their 20 year lifespan 😔

Pigs in the meat industry endure horrible abuse, such as having their tails cut off and being killed in gas chambers – both of which are standard legal practice 💔

“If humans are so smart, why can’t we see that animals are not objects?” – Natalie Fulton

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📹 VeganFTA / Natalie Fulton
Clips from Sisu Refuge / Animal Save Nederland / The Save Movement / Dominion Movement

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