Meet the Animals at Farm Sanctuary LA with Gene Baur

Meet the Animals at Farm Sanctuary LA with Gene Baur

Are you ready to meet the fabulous residents of Farm Sanctuary? Don’t miss the exclusive tour hosted by founder and president, Gene Bauer! 🙌

Meet Liberty and Indigo, mother-daughter cows who were rescued from slaughter thanks to the efforts of Joaquin Phoenix and Farm Sanctuary! 🐄 🐄

Meet Blue, an adorable pig rescued from a youth agriculture program who loves belly rubs! 🐖

Don’t miss Morris, a resilient pig who was rescued from a cruelty case involving hundreds of starved and mistreated pigs 🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖

Say hello to a parade of adorable donkeys, watch Ellis enjoy a good backscratch, and meet the dynamic sheep duo, Pippa and Biscuit! 🐑🐑

Then, join the cow herd for dinner and meet the rescued chicken flock! 🐓

Farm Sanctuary fights the disastrous effects of animal agriculture on animals, the environment, social justice, and public health through rescue, education, and advocacy 💚

👉 Please support Farm Sanctuary’s life-saving work by visiting:

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