Meet the Animals: Sunset Tour at Austin Farm Sanctuary!

Meet the Animals: Sunset Tour at Austin Farm Sanctuary!

Are you ready for a sunset stroll through Austin Farm Sanctuary? Join this virtual guided tour to meet the resilient pigs, cows, chickens, ducks, goats, water buffalo, and many of the rescued animals who now experience freedom and happiness at AFS!

Meet the Buddy’s Buds crew, special needs goat residents rescued from the meat and dairy industry, who now get to enjoy the outdoors and receive all of the love and care they need to thrive!

Check out the aviary, with over 100 birds of all kinds, including survivors of Kapporos, and meet Brink and Lottie, brother and sister farm pups, who look over all of the sanctuary residents.

Get a behind the scenes look at Little Piglandia, home to Rosie, Hammer, Scout and multiple other pigs who were abandoned or surrendered by individuals in charge of their care. Meet the adorable Bodiddley, Rufus the water buffalo, beautiful momma cow Pearl, big pigs Milkshake, Peter Pan and Wanda, and many more!

Austin Farm Sanctuary’s mission is to rescue and provide sanctuary to farmed animals and inspire change in how society views and treats these wonderful souls. AFS offers virtual and in-person tours and various events throughout the year to allow visitors to get to know the hundreds of animal residents as individuals. Meeting the residents and learning their stories helps people make the connection between these animals who were farmed for food and what is on their plates.

Please consider making a quick donation to support Austin Farm Sanctuary’s crucial life-saving work! Learn more about AFS at and stay up to date with all the fabulous sanctuary residents on Instagram and Facebook @austinfarmsanctuary!

00:00 – Introduction
00:31 – Parking and Restrooms
01:11 – Most Important Aspect of Their Mission
02:05 – Cornish Girls
02:29 – Rooster Hen Pairs
03:33 – Lottie and Brink
04:15 – Goats qith Special Needs
08:24 – Dolly and Coco
08:34 – Aviary
09:35 – Brink Guarding the Aviary
11:15 – The Coops
12:09 – Medical Barn and Galactus
13:56 – The Pigs
14:52 – Rosie
15:09 – Hammer
16:56 – The Pond and Big Pigs
17:22 – Bovines
18:37 – Pigs
19:20 – The View
20:21 – Milkshake
20:57 – Wanda
21:21 – Water Buffalo

Austin Farm Sanctuary 👇
YouTube: @austinfarmsanctuary2080

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