Mother Pig Singing to Her Babies #shorts

    All mothers are mothers 🤰👶⁠
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    “Did you know that mama pigs sing to their babies when they nurse? This is mama Rita nursing her babies and singing to them.⁠

    Rita and her sister Ruthie came from a cruelty case. The operation was supposedly one of those “humane” farms, but it was a hell pit. The cruelty has to be severe for law enforcement to intervene in farmed animal cases, and it was indeed severe. I’ll spare you guys the details.⁠

    As soon as Rita and Ruthie were rescued by The Humane Society, they each gave birth to a total of 13 piglets. It’s hard enough to find placement for one pig, let alone 15, and The Humane Society wasn’t sure what to do. We were contacted by @sisurefuge about the case–they had taken several pigs from it–and we couldn’t say no.⁠ ❤”⁠

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