New Vegan TV Show – Eating Plants

New Vegan TV Show – Eating Plants

In this live session we are talking about ‘Eating Plants’! A brand new TV series that explores plant based food and all the wonderful benefits of a vegan lifestyle. We will also be discussing the series’ potential to help us all in being more proactive in hospitality based activism, as well as of course for the animals, the planet and our health. Joining us today from Sydney are the series’ directors, Kate Clere and Mick McIntyre to talk about this incredible project.

‘EATING PLANTS is an upbeat TV series that explores plant-based food, the world’s fastest growing culinary trend. Filmed in an exciting mix of 6 popular vegan countries, EATING PLANTS introduces the entrepreneurs who are creating plant alternatives such as diary-free cheese, animal-free meat, fish-free tuna and how these products are pushing their predecessors off the supermarket shelves. Packed with ideas from doctors, athletes and chefs leading the movement, who are creating change for cooking, health and for the planet. The first of its kind, this spicy travelogue will bring the tips and benefits of a vegan diet into homes across the globe.’

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