Ohana Animal Sanctuary: Where Family Means No One Is Forgotten

Ohana Animal Sanctuary: Where Family Means No One Is Forgotten

Mulan from Vegan FTA recently had the pleasure of visiting ‘Ohana Animal Rescue Family’ in Tuscany, Italy, to meet the owners of the sanctuary and the 130 beautiful animals who call it home!

Ohana means “ family ”… “family means that no one is abandoned or forgotten”.

Ohana Animal Rescue Family serves as a refuge for animals liberated from imminent demise, saved from slaughterhouses, or rescued from various forms of exploitation. Their utmost priority lies in guaranteeing a life of dignity for these non-human beings under their care. By honoring their innate requirements and crafting suitable habitats, the sanctuary strives to provide a lifelong home where these individuals can thrive.

Find out more about Ohana here – http://ohanarifugio.it/

Follow Ohana on Instagram here – https://www.instagram.com/ohanaanimalrescuefamily/

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