Piers Morgan vs Vegan: The Avocado Debate

Piers Morgan vs Vegan: The Avocado Debate

Piers Morgan has once again been debating vegans on LIVE TV regarding avocados and the use of bees in crop production. Since our invitation must have been lost in the post, we thought we’d add our five cents.

Being vegan is not perfect. 🤷‍♂️

Being vegan is about doing everything YOU CAN that is practicable, and possible, to reduce harm.

When it comes to eating plants, MANY of the crops we grow for food rely on pollinators, and many don’t. 🐝

The problem that we seem to be facing is that in these highly commercialised instances, ‘migratory beekeeping’ methods are used, where bees are shipped in unfathomable numbers, where pathogens/illness/death is inevitable. The mono-crop diet for the bee also seems to cause issues.

But why is this happening, and why is there a ‘void’ with wild bees that needs to be filled with bees that are essentially ‘livestock’? Would this process look the same in a world with more wild bees? 👀

What are the main drivers of the wild bee decline? Intensive land use, habitat loss and climate change seem to be at the top of the list of threats.

Now – what has been scientifically proven to be the most powerful change one can make at an individual level to combat these issues again? That’s right – eating a plant based diet, something that literally EVERY vegan does.

Would these issues remain in a world where we have reduced agriculture land usage by approximately 3 billion hectares and began to re-wild wherever possible? In this world, would we even need to breed bees into existence to pollinate our food crops? And beyond this, are there other (more vegan) technologies and practices that can be brought into place to grow these crops more ethically and sustainably?

‘Since vegans aren’t perfect, I just won’t try at all’. In a world where this is the dominating ideology, will we ever be able to make progress as far as plant based agriculture?

The issue of bee exploitation is not exclusive to avocados and almonds. But the issue will NEVER improve in a non-vegan world.

In a vegan world where we don’t needlessly kill animals, maybe then we could focus on the progression of plant agriculture too. 🙏🐝

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👉 Footage used from ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’ and @JoeyCarbstrong

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