Pig Crying on the Way to the Vet | Never Say Animal Let Don’t Have Feelings

Pig Crying on the Way to the Vet | Never Say Animal Let Don’t Have Feelings

‘Please never say animals don’t have feelings or they are “Just Pigs” this is Penelope we rescued her from being locked in a shed for 5 years and most likely physically and mentally abused. ⁠
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I really don’t like taking animals off the property after we rescue them. She was never spayed and pigs that are not spayed have a very high chance of reproductive cancer, so all of our females are spayed. ⁠

I always worry that the pigs think they are going back to their abusers when we transport them to @cornellvet . I had my hand on her for 2 hours and 15 minutes, the whole way there but when we got there she started to cry. ⁠

My heart is shattered, but I know this is for the greater good .’ ⁠
Peace, Love & Pigs.⁠

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Watch Rescued Pig With Missing Shoulder Finally Gets the Help She Needs: https://youtu.be/BWxZXQcj434

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