Pig In the Worst Condition Ever Seen 💔🐷

    Look at Jane’s progress 😍🙌⁠
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    The text is from the day after her rescue, a few months ago 🥺⁠

    Even on that first night you can see in her face hope and her beautiful spirit 💚🐽⁠

    Jane has been getting better and, as you can see in the video, she is happy thanks to the care and love of @misfitsof_oz⁠

    “Yesterday, we picked up a pig in the worst condition I’ve ever seen. These pics are tough to look at. ⁠

    This is Jane. Jane is around 10 years old and her hooves were more overgrown than I’ve witnessed, and her skin, to be blunt, feels like pavement. ⁠

    She has two massive growths, we don’t yet know if they are tumors, but our vet will be assessing Thursday to find options. ⁠

    Jane is in horrible shape, and it’s hard to see the future, but what we do know, is Jane is now safe with us, she got a major hoof trim (see end pics), she has a full belly, and she had an amazing night sleep snuggled in a warm barn. ⁠

    I can’t wait to see her up and walking on those feet today! What a treat that will be for her! ⁠

    We don’t know what all the options will be for Jane, but the things we are certain of, whether she has 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years, we are going to do everything in ours and our vets power to give this sweet lady the care and love she so deserves.” 💜⁠

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