Pig Rescued by Sanctuary After He Fell off Transport Truck

Pig Rescued by Sanctuary After He Fell off Transport Truck

Meet Wilbur! The biggest yet sweetest pig at Peacefield Sanctuary 🤗💚⁠

He looks intimidating, but he certainly doesn’t realize it. 🙈🐷⁠

Wilbur was headed for the slaughterhouse, but fell off the truck – much to his advantage. His brother fell also, and was unfortunately euthanized. 😔⁠

He was taken to a dog shelter, and that’s where Peacefield Sanctuary stepped in! 🙏⁠

Wilbur loves his new environment at Peacefield Sanctuary where he has been welcomed with open arms. Despite his huge size, he’s not alpha pig – instead little Toby is in charge. 😉⁠

Welcome home sweet Wilbur, no more scary trucks for you. 💚⁠

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