Pigs Are One Of The Smartest Animals In The World 🧠

Pigs Are One Of The Smartest Animals In The World 🧠

Pigs are considered to be one of the smartest animals in the world. 🧠

They are capable of quickly mastering mazes, playing simple joystick video games, they become self aware faster than humans, and they can also learn their given name within 2 weeks which takes humans months. 🐷

They have superior problem solving abilities, and are considered to outperform dogs, chimpanzees and dolphins. 🙏

Yet somehow we justify subjecting them to extreme confinement, mutilations, forced impregnation and taking their babies from them for meat, and finally forcing them into gas chambers to suffer an unimaginable death. 💔

@EmptyCages4296 reminds us that 5 minutes of our taste pleasure doesn’t come close to the value of their entire existence. Their lives matter to them. 😔

Go vegan. 🙏🌱

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Clips: Wiktoria Albrecht / Animal Rights Watch / @kinder-world / Dominion Movement / Farm Transparency Project

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