Public Reacts to Christspiracy Premier in London

Public Reacts to Christspiracy Premier in London

Get tickets for the March 20th showing of Christspiracy near you:

Read our review of the film Christspiracy by Jordi Casamitjana here:

Interviews with the public after the premier of Christspiracy in London- interviews and video by Mulan Turco.

Christspiracy is NOT an anti-religion film. 🙅⁠

Whether you consider yourself to be a spiritual/religious person, or an atheist – this film is a MUST WATCH! ✊⁠

It’s just about asking the right questions, and developing a deeper understanding about the relationship between our spirituality – and non human animals. 🐑⁠

You don’t want to miss this release TOMORROW March 20th!

Earthling Ed talks about his mixed feelings of both disappointment in humanity and optisism – after the Christspiracy red carpet premiere. 🎭⁠

The powerful and provocative moments of this documentary are sure to empower change! 👌⁠

And Sam Bentley compliments the high quality of the work – parallel to the beauty of the message of compassion within! 💚⁠

Are you excited to find out what this epic feature uncovers!? 🎉⁠

“Would Jesus be the one protecting the innocent lamb, or would he be the one putting them on the grill?” 🐑💔⁠ – @the.militant.vegan

If @christspiracy does anything, it brings forth a compelling answer to this question. 🫣⁠

Kip Andersen (Co-Director of Christspiracy) shares with us their goals for the film, after a 7 year long journey. 👌⁠

Their dream for the film is to have BILLIONS of people witness it, for the billions of animals who are at our peril. Should this goal be met, history may well be transformed and re-written, changing our view on the relationship between spirituality and animals – forever.

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Connect with Christspiracy

Connect with Videographer Mulan Turco:

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