Seymour Is a 3000 Pounds Toddler

Seymour Is a 3000 Pounds Toddler

Seymour was rescued as a baby from the buffalo dairy industry and is the only water buffalo in a pack of four cows and a bison at Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary 💚🐃
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He has captured our hearts, and we can see why everyone loves his noble nature and big personality. It’s clear that he’s just a giant toddler when you see him play and bathe, as well as relate to the rest of the animals and human animals in the sanctuary. 👶

“Seymour is a little bit like a toddler, but he is a three thousand pound toddler… He’s managed to find love, happiness, and friendship in spire of all that was taken from him.

In any dairy industry those bonds and that desire for those herd interactions are broken. You’re breaking up their families, you’re taking away their friends, but you’re also denying them their most basic level of comfort, which is to be with other members of their own species.

It’s a really fantastically cruel industry, and there’s no way to do it in a way that’s “humane”.

The bottom line is we don’t have to hurt animals to be happy and healthy. And if we don’t have to hurt anybody, then why should we?”

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