She Had 14 Babies Taken Away From Her

She Had 14 Babies Taken Away From Her

A highlight from an in-depth and honest interview with Vegan FTA’s Jackie Norman where she shares her unique and perspective on dairy farming with the Hon. Emma Hurst, MP for the Animal Justice Party, NSW Australia.

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“I know what it’s like to have someone take my baby away forever. And even though I knew what happened to him, I still felt so powerless. There was nothing I could do. Nothing would bring him back. But I knew that everything was done for him that could have been done.

For these cows… they’ve got no idea, you know? Apart from the ones that have their babies murdered in front of them, they’ve got no idea where the babies go.

You know, 26 years later, I’m still wondering about my son. What would he look like now? What if things had been different? Where is he? What’s he doing?

For me, I went through that once and that was the worst thing that could possibly happen. I think as far as I’m concerned in my years on this planet, it’s the most horrendous thing. It’s something that scars you and is always with you. You learn to carry it, but it’s always with you.

For me, once was bad enough. But for cows, we’re doing this year after year after year.” -Jackie Norman

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