Social Change Has Never Been Comfortable | Tash Peterson

Social Change Has Never Been Comfortable | Tash Peterson

Australian activist Tash Peterson has been making headlines all over the world with her fearless and innovative activism. From running onto the field at history making sports games to storming supermarkets and fast food outlets – what will she think of next? We recently managed to pin Tash down long enough to talk about her story, her unique approach to activism and how she is influencing and educating the next generation of young people about the vegan movement.

‘I know that I’m there for the animals, I’m not nervous. I’m willing to take on anything and just get that message out there.’

“I think it’s critical to be as unique and creative as possible because the more you can do so, the more media and public attention you’ll receive. And therefore you’re getting the animal rights message out to a bigger audience and you’re putting it into the public dialogue.”

“Social change has never been comfortable, especially when confronted with such a massive truth that you’ve been lied to your entire life… That’s initially why a lot of people do react with this aggression and hate. And initially, they probably will have an opposition towards vegans. But now that they have been hit with the truth of this message, they’re more likely to change.”

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