Telling Your Own Story with Ryuji Chua (highlight)

Telling Your Own Story with Ryuji Chua (highlight)

The first highlight from our interview with Ryuji Chua A.K.A Peace by Vegan. Ryuji’s mission is to connect humans with other animals by telling compelling and engaging stories through his content.
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“When people talk about animal rights, often times what they’ll do is they’ll just listen to what other people who are talking about animal rights are saying. And then they’ll just regurgitate that, kind of like word for word almost. And they’ll be like: “I heard this from someone else who’s an animal rights activist so I’m going to say the same thing.” And that’s fine. You can do that.

But what I think is more interesting and more valuable is if you really try to break down how you understand something uniquely, because we’re all different. And how can you express that in such a way that someone who has never engaged with you can very easily follow what you’re saying and be like “that was a really interesting point and I’ve never thought about it like that.” – Ryuji Chua

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