The Dirty Truths of Clean Green Dairy

The Dirty Truths of Clean Green Dairy

Dr Mike Joy is a New Zealand freshwater ecologist and science communicator, whose knowledge and wealth of information as to the impact of animal agriculture knows no bounds. He is a brilliant ally for the movement and works tirelessly to raise awareness of the damage being done to our waterways and ecological systems, as well as the devastating effect on both human and animal health.

In this episode, Mike talks about his vision for 2021, which he has also presented to NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and also provides invaluable insights and details as to just how animal agriculture is affecting the land. Although based in New Zealand, the information provided in this in-depth discussion is relevant in many parts of the world. If, like Mike you want to see an end to intensive animal farming, you won’t want to miss this episode!

“Without a doubt getting animals out of our diet is a massive step that we have to make and it’s something that we can do as individuals that will have way more impact than anything else we do in our lives. Then from that point onwards It’s about consumption, it’s about reducing consumption… It’s about reducing the amount of energy we consume which is tied up in vehicles and junk that we buy and all that kind of thing.

It’s about reducing our impact on the planet by reducing our consumption. And learning to live with natural products and living with less and enjoying living with less.” -Dr. Mike Joy

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