The First Time I Fasted Against Slaughter I Cried

The First Time I Fasted Against Slaughter I Cried

On the second of every month, thousands of vegan activists unite across the globe to raise awareness of the plight billions of animals endure every day on their way to slaughter. In this highlight founder of Animals First on the Second, Izzy Jacobus, discusses how you should embrace your emotions and deepen your connection with animals and your vegan purpose.
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“I try to encourage them to not run away from the sensations. Not run away from the discomfort. As a matter of fact, embrace it!
Feel it.
Use it.
Convey it to other people.

This is what the animals are going through. This is after, you know, they’ve been confined and beaten and and exploited their entire lives. Then we jam them, cram-packed onto this truck. And then without food and water they’re in transit for a day or two. And then how long do they sit on the dock while they’re hearing screams and waiting for their turn?

The point of it is to feel it. Actually feel it. Actually feel it in a way where when you write about it, people feel that as well.”
-Izzy Jacobus

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