The POWER of Bearing Witness | Animal Save Movement Founder Anita Krajnc

The POWER of Bearing Witness | Animal Save Movement Founder Anita Krajnc

How do you turn your actions as an individual into a global movement? How can we change the world by bearing witness? In this episode of Activist, we talk with the brilliant Anita Krajnc about how she created the Animal Save Movement and how by opening our eyes to the suffering around us, we can help to end it.

In 2010 Anita made a promise to a pig on a truck, that she would no longer turn away. From three vigils a week, a movement was founded that would become global. Our chat with Anita was both moving and inspiring. If you want to make a bigger impact for the animals, Anita shares some wonderful advice and paves the way to a brighter future for the animals, the planet and the people.
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“We want to change the cultural norm so that people don’t say anymore that “Oh I don’t want to see slaughterhouse footage, it’s depressing, it’s terrible, I don’t want to see that.” That’s not an answer.

Even if it hurts you, even if it causes you trauma we need to share the incredible trauma that animals are suffering in order to change their plight. They suffer trauma from the day they’re born until the day they die. All their life they’re suffering trauma. They bear witness all their life.

We’re just breaking witness a tiny bit and it’s so devastating because it’s so awful what’s happening, but we need to do this. if all of us do this, if a community does it instead of one person, then there’s more power in it and the situation will change faster. So that’s the reason you don’t have one person bearing witness, you really need to encourage the entire community to bear witness, because that’s what’s going to change the world faster.” -Anita

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Thumbnail photos from Jo-Anne McArthur of We Animals and Bobby Sud of Los Angeles Animal Save.

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