The Status Quo Is Unsustainable With Michael Greger MD

The Status Quo Is Unsustainable With Michael Greger MD

Globally renowned physician Michael Greger has a pretty good idea what to expect, and shares it with us in this exclusive ‘Activist’ interview. For decades, Dr Greger has been one – if not the most – prolific advocates for a plant based lifestyle, through best selling books such as ‘How Not to Die’ and his incredible educational resource, In this episode, we talk about his predictions for the year ahead and the need to change our farming systems and lifestyles in order to prevent future pandemics. Absolutely essential watching!
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“When you crowd thousands or tens of thousands of animals in these cramped filthy football field sized sheds to lie beak to beak or snout to snout on top of their own waste, it’s just a breeding ground for disease.

There’s the sheer numbers, the overcrowding, the stress crippling their immune systems, the ammonia from the decomposing waste burning their lungs, the lack of fresh air, the lack of sunlight.

Throw all of these factors together and what you have is a perfect storm environment for the emergence and the spread of new so-called super-strains of influenzas.

The bottom line is it’s not worth risking the lives of millions of people for the sake of cheaper chicken.” -Michael Greger, M.D

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