The Truth About Live Animal Export

The Truth About Live Animal Export

“Every year, billions of animals are crammed in ships and trucks on their way to slaughter.

Onboard, animals face soaring temperatures and crowded unsanitary conditions.

Many animals succumb to stress and disease and die before they reach their final destination.

Journeys across countries are long, often spanning over a month.

Animals spend over a thousand hours crowded into the ship’s hold, unable to express themselves or seek relief.

There is no bedding provided, nor is the space kept clean. Excrement stains the sides of the ship, and animals are often trampled, their faces and bodies forced onto the filthy ground.

For most animals, this is not the end of the journey. Once they arrive at their destination, they are hauled onto a truck on the way to their final destination—either to be slaughtered or used for milk, entertainment, or research.

It’s time. Live exports MUST be banned immediately.”Words from @sentient_media

Footage from @joannemcarthurphotography of @weanimals and @TaranakiAnimalSave

👉 Read the full article from Sentient Media about Live Animal Export:

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