There’s No One Way to Do Activism | Joey Carbstrong

There’s No One Way to Do Activism | Joey Carbstrong

After leaving the gang life and going vegan for ethical reasons, Joey Carbstrong wanted to give back. “I wanted to help the less fortunate. I wanted to help human beings which is still one of my passions. But I had a realisation. There were a group of innocent beings who needed my help the most. A group of beings who weren’t even recognised by society as victims. A group of beings so persecuted, so exploited and so abused that it dwarfed any human genocide in comparison. The animals were screaming out for help and very few were listening. So I decided to answer their calls and began speaking for them with all my heart.”

In episode eight of “Activist” Joey Carbstrong shares his brilliant insights and advice for how we can all become better advocates for the animals, and how we can each start our activism journey. Co-host Gareth describes this episode as “All killer, no filler” (in a very vegan way)! Joey has a wonderful wealth of knowledge and we are very excited to share it all with you.

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