They Are Individuals, Just Like Us

They Are Individuals, Just Like Us

97% of pigs in the US are raised in factory farms. They will never feel grass beneath their feet, never breathe fresh air, never feel the sun shine on their face. Desperate, bored, sick, many crippled from their size, kept alive on drugs…

They spend their entire lives in factories, where mother pigs are kept in gestation crates so small they are unable to turn around. Impregnated over and over, distressed after having their children mutilated in front of them and then taken only after just a few weeks, until they are finally slaughtered.

In reality pigs are extremely intelligent and curious animals with complex social networks and remarkable memories. They love their children and are known sing to them when nursing and also identify their individual children with unique grunts. They are playful, sensitive, curious, cunning, and compassionate towards their friends, often sleeping nose to nose with their best friends at night.

They are individuals, just like us. They feel, they love, and they desire a life free from harm.

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