They Feel #shorts

They Feel #shorts

They feel.⁠⁠
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Pigs are complex individuals and one of the smartest animals on Earth, following chimpanzees, dolphins, orangutans, and elephants. ⁠⁠
Certainly, they feel all these emotions as they spend their days shut-in without any kind of social or cognitive stimulation, simply fattening up for their early deaths.⁠⁠
It is estimated that we kill 700 million pigs every year for their bodies -more than half in China, where, as you may know, they are trying to outsource some of their killing to Argentina.⁠⁠
According to Statista, 2021 has been the lowest swine production in the last 10 years. The great majority -as great as 99% in the United States- grow up in factory farms.⁠⁠
As babies they are castrated and mutilated, most often without anesthetic: they dock their tails so they don’t bite them amongst them and their teeth for the same reason, because in the confinement situations they are brought up, they develop psychotic behaviors and cannibalism. ⁠⁠
Mothers are artificially inseminated to have litter after litter during their three or four -depending on “performance”- years of life when in nature they would live up to 15 years.⁠⁠
Their babies are separated from their mothers as early as 10 days old and after six months, they kill them to sell their flesh as well as the rest of their body parts.⁠⁠

It’s clear in these images in the transport trucks on their way to their deaths how they feel; they show a range of complex and deep emotions just like us.⁠⁠
Help us share so more people make the connection and leave these wonderful individuals out of their plates. 🐷💔⁠⁠

Images by Bobby Sud taken at Los Angeles Animal Save

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