They Never See Beyond the Cages | Hanover Turkey Save

They Never See Beyond the Cages | Hanover Turkey Save

‘Turkeys are majestic, regal, intelligent, sentient and innocent. They do not deserve this!⁠

At 5 months old, abused their whole lives, when they reach the desired weight, they are rounded up, overcrowded onto trucks, and shipped to slaughterhouses.⁠

This trip can take days. Given no food or water and exposed to the weather, many turkeys die before even reaching the slaughterhouse.⁠

As the holidays start to draw near please choose kindness that represents love, not hate.⁠

In the United States alone, approximately 250 million turkeys are killed yearly for meat. These birds rarely live past the age of five months, and never see beyond the cages of factory farms.’⁠

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