This Is Dairy #shorts

This Is Dairy #shorts

This is dairy.

‘What is happening here and why?
At birth calves are sexed for viability. Male calves are considered useless to the dairy industry. Because of this, every year in the UK 60,000 male calves are killed shortly after birth.

Female calves are separated from their mother within the first few hours of birth. This happens because calves can drink up to 10 liters of their mothers milk every day and this eats into farmers profits. So calves are denied the very milk intended for them.

Instead, calves are fed powdered milk. This is more economic for the farms because:
👉 It’s more profitable to sell the milk to humans rather than feed it to the calf.
👉 Calves fed on milk powder progress to dry feed faster, which is cheaper for the farm.
👉 Powdered milk reduces disease transmission from mother to calf, minimizing veterinary costs.
👉 The calf is then redundant until they are ready to reproduce.
Once ready to reproduce, they then enter the same cruel, oppressive system as their mother.

With tonnes of plant-based milks available, such as soy, oat, hemp, pea and cashew, you don’t have to miss out. Choose any milk, but cows milk.’

Words from @justveganfacts and @plantbasednews on IG

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