This is Why Humans Aren’t Omnivores (or Herbivores)

This is Why Humans Aren’t Omnivores (or Herbivores)

In this episode you’ll learn:
🥩🌿 Why humans aren’t omnivores OR herbivores 😱
🐒 What we are instead 😉

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– Anatomical features of plant eaters versus meat eaters:
– Mammalian herbivores have dichromatic vision (are color blind):,their%20hue%2C%20saturation%2C%20contrast%2C
– Trichromatic vision is advantageous for frugivores:
– Hominids ate exclusively plants for 95% of our evolution,_the_genetic.3.aspx
*Evolutionary timeline ends at 11,000 years ago due to the agricultural revolution*
– Meat comprised 3% of Paleolithic diets,process%20and%20cook%20these%20foods.
– Humans evolved big brains from eating cooked starch:
– Preferred source of energy for the human brain is glucose:,sugar%20energy%20in%20the%20body.
– The human brain can run on ketones during prolonged fasting (or famine):

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This miniseries is a collaboration between Vegan FTA and Veganography 💞
🐷Produced by Vegan FTA
🎥Written and directed by Emma Schwarz, Veganography
🎶Filmed, edited, animated, and original theme song by John Burton, Veganography

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00:00 – Introduction
00:47 – Silver Bullet
01:31 – Plant Eaters vs Meat Eaters
02:25 – Omnivores
02:54 – Trichromatic Vision
03:43 – Evolutionary Timeline
04:25 – Glucose
06:07 – Cooking
06:39 – Comparing Species
07:12 – Ketones
07:33 – Conclusion

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