This Isn’t Cute #shorts

This Isn’t Cute #shorts

On social media videos like these are shared as something “funny”, “funny” or “tender”. Then the reality is something different entirely.
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They are like this because they are trying to suckle. The instinct to suckle is so strong that even in the absence of their mother, they will try to suck on anything, including your finger if you pet them. They were separated from their mothers so that the milk would be stolen and sold for profit. 🥛💰

Cows subjected to milk extraction are condemned to a life of exploitation (forced insemination, childbirth, separation of offspring, repeat) until their bodies collapse and they are sold to the meat industry. 💔

Calves are either subjected to the same system as their mothers or killed to sell for meat as well if they are male.

You are not a lactating cow, milk is not for you. 🙅‍♀️

Please do not finance animal exploitation. 🌱

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