Trillions of Fish are Farmed #shorts

Trillions of Fish are Farmed #shorts

Today is World Aquatic Animal Day 💙

Do you remember the scandal of the turtle with the straw in the nose? 🐢

The video went viral and citizens from all over the world filled the web with angry petitions.

Many businesses, to show sympathy for turtles and the environment, began to ban plastic straws from coast to coast 🥤

It turns out that straws are only 0.03% of the plastic in the oceans.

Why are we shocked by a turtle with a straw in their nose, but never think about the ones that die as collateral damage from fishing? 👀

Considering that up to 30% of the plastics in our waters come from fishing activity, it is not surprising that “only” a thousand turtles die each year from plastic-related incidents, while 500,000 are killed or injured by fishing.

So, we stop using straws to save marine life…but we don’t stop killing marine life to save marine life? 🐠

Of course, turtles are just one of the many species that are affected by our fishing efforts.

Some 50 million sharks are caught each year as bycatch and so are dolphins, whales, manta rays, birds, and the list goes on.

Leave the fish (and other marine species) in the ocean 😉

👉 Sign the petition to help STOP Octopus Farming! 🐙⁠

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