Uncovering Hidden Truths with Christspiracy Creator Kip Andersen

Uncovering Hidden Truths with Christspiracy Creator Kip Andersen

Kip Andersen of the famous “Spiracy” movies sits down and talks with Vegan FTA! 😱 👀

Kip co-created, directed and starred in Christspiracy, a film that seeks to answer the question “is there a spiritual way to kill an animal?”

Kip shares the inside scoop with us:

– Why they created this film ⁉️
– How it differs from the other Spiracy movies 🎥
– The dangers of creating such a film 😬
– And what would look like success for this movie 🎉

We were allowed to watch the movie prior to the interview, so Kenny at Vegan FTA shares his opinion on the film also! Come and join us for an exciting conversation with one of our most epic discussions yet – and don’t forget to buy tickets for the film at http://CHRISTSPIRACY.COM 🎟️ 🎫

Interview with Kip Andersen, creator of Christspiacy, Cowspiracy, What the Health, and Seaspiracy.

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👉 https://christspiracy.com

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