Understanding Other Oppressions Within the Animal Rights Movement | Soul Eubanks

Understanding Other Oppressions Within the Animal Rights Movement | Soul Eubanks

Christopher ‘Soul’ Eubanks is a creative and activist who creates art and media to promote a vegan lifestyle.  Even if you think you haven’t seen or heard of him before, you almost certainly have, through his widely shared social media content and words of wisdom.  An enormous asset to the vegan movement, Chris is compassion and eloquence personified, making him a sought after speaker.  In this brilliant and informative interview, we discuss many things, including his involvement as a mentor with the Animal Activism Mentorship, his invaluable and important work with Encompass, and – what many activists dream of – starting his very own animal rights organisation.
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“One of the things that I look at when I look at the roots of any oppression is the fact that we see others as different. And when we start to see them as different we start to justify reasons that they can be exploited or abused, because we see them as detached from ourselves.

When we separate ourselves from others it gives us a justification to exploit and abuse others. So I think the root of it is we can’t feel disconnected. Once we start to feel disconnected from anybody or anything I feel like we are disconnected from ourselves.” -Christopher ‘Soul’ Eubanks

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