Understanding Suffering with Dharma Voices for Animals

Understanding Suffering with Dharma Voices for Animals

A highlight from our most recent episode with president and co-founder Bob Isaacson from Dharma Voices for Animals who’s mission is to encourage Buddhists across the world to align their actions with their ethics.

Watch the full episode to learn more about the incredible work that Bob and his team are carrying out in Buddhist communities all around the world: https://youtu.be/94SyQJy8Jmc

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“When we’re mindful of where our food is coming from. When we’re mindful of the process, we pay attention so that we can see the suffering that is caused.” -Bob Isaacson

“The first noble truth is the truth of suffering, which really means just to understand suffering. Which really means just to come in contact with and to experience suffering first-hand.

You might hear it. You might see it. It might happen to your body…

I mean, just imagine what things are like for animals that go through this horrendous, horrific process, words can’t even describe.”

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