Unique Activism – Your Talents Are Important to the Movement!

Unique Activism – Your Talents Are Important to the Movement!

Unique Activism – Your Talents Are Important to the Movement!

We each have our own talents, right? But is my skill valued in the movement?

Watch and find out as we speak to Jake Conroy about unique forms of activism. You might be surprised at how even a group of grannies were able to topple a financial backer of animal testing labs!

This clip is part of Activist Episode #44 where we talk to Jake Conroy – aka The Cranky Vegan – about his fight against Huntingdon Life Sciences through the SHAC campaign and the effectiveness and strategies of the current vegan movement. Along the way Jake provides many deep insights and observations into how we can all be more effective and create radical change through pressure campaigning.

👉 Watch the full interview: https://youtube.com/live/LHyqJxSeUFc

👉 Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6UnUs8AHgoI4XST7TR2sYO

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