Unwanted at Birth Because She Couldn’t Stand Up, Goat With Prosthetic Legs Is Thriving Now 🐐 #shorts

Unwanted at Birth Because She Couldn’t Stand Up, Goat With Prosthetic Legs Is Thriving Now 🐐 #shorts

Unwanted at birth because she couldn’t stand up, Jolene was seen as worthless and given away. She’s lived at a petting farm, survived flood water prior to rescue and was in danger again when Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary swooped in. Shortly after she found refuge, had to have a life saving surgery because her stomach and intestines stopped working.

‘Jo is so strong.
A happy and determined girl who lives life on her terms.

She and River are BFFs. She loves to headbutt and get rowdy and he undertsands this, notice how he backed down after she lost her balance for a quick second. While he’s alpha in their herd, when they’re playing he lets her have the upper hand as to not hurt her…

Everyone needs a friend like Riv who loves and supports them with such compassion and awareness to help them feel their best when in their company.

Animals are incredibly kind and wise, what a privilege it is to be their friend.’

Sanctuaries are the unsung heroes of todays world. Anyone else agree? ❤️🐐

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