Urgent | All the Animals at Italian Sanctuary at Risk #shorts

Urgent | All the Animals at Italian Sanctuary at Risk #shorts

This Italian sanctuary needs your help right now.

La Sfattoria Degli Ultimi is a shelter for pigs rescued from abuse conditions, as well as urban boars.

With Rome being a red zone for swine fever, the local sanitary regulatory body has requested to kill all the residents despite the fact that current legislation categorically excludes animals who are not destined for consumption from being killed to contain the spread.

Over a hundred sentient individuals, who call this place their home, who are now a family, would be facing death.

Please help us advocate for them by signing the petition and showing your support on their social media profiles.

👉 Sign the petition: chng.it/vgws9ykbXj

To support La Sfattoria Degli Ultimi follow them here👇

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