Vegan Travel and the Sexual Politics of Fake Meat with Alex Lockwood

Vegan Travel and the Sexual Politics of Fake Meat with Alex Lockwood

In this episode of Vegan Reflections, Jordi Casamitjana, Ethical Vegan sits down with Alex Lockwood, a British writer, vegan activist, and academic, author of the books “The Pig in Thin Air” and “The Chernovyl Privileges.”

They talk about Lucas Spiegel who spent two years circumnavigating the globe as a vegan traveller as well as discussing how Carol Adams’ “The Sexual Politics of Meat” applies to this new wave of “fake meat.”

Vegan Reflections is a series for Vegan FTA in which Jordi Casamitjana, the author of the book “Ethical Vegan”, has a conversation with vegan guests about some of the blogs on veganism and animal issues written by him on the Vegan FTA website.

Every month a new guest will choose two of the blogs published the month before, and the conversation will be around them.

Episode 2 of VEGAN REFLECTIONS covers the blogs published in December 2022 ( In particular, these two blogs:

👉 Read Lucas Spiegel, the Vegan Traveller Who Has Circumnavigated the World:

👉 Read The Sexual Politics of Fake Meat:

👉 Watch the first episode Vegan Reflections:

Learn more about Alex Lockwood’s work here ⇩

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