Veganism and AI

Veganism and AI

In this latest episode of Vegan Reflections, Cheryl Allebrand , a Managing Consultant, specialising in Conversational AI, discusses with Jordi Casamitjana about the issue of Veganism and AI.

This was the subject Jordi wrote in the article “Veganism and AI (Artificial Intelligence)” published in April 2023 for Vegan FTA in which he speculates about how the current rise of AI will affect veganism. In this podcast Cheryl and Jordi will be talking about the concept of intelligence itself, chatting with conversational chatbots about veganism, whether Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) will become a vegan outreacher, the risk of uncontrolled AI, and several ways AI can be used to get to the vegan world sooner.

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VEGAN REFLECTIONS. Episode 6. Jordi Casamitjana with guest Cheryl Allebrand

Vegan Reflections is a series for Vegan FTA in which Jordi Casamitjana, the author of the book “Ethical Vegan”, has a conversation with vegan guests about some of the blogs on veganism and animal issues written by him on the Vegan FTA website (

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