We Are There For Them… | Los Angeles Animal Save

We Are There For Them… | Los Angeles Animal Save

This video was created by Bobby Sud from Los Angeles Animal Save. He is an incredible activist and takes some of the most powerful images I’ve ever seen from Save Movement vigils.

Check out more of his work via the social links below and watch our interview with him here: https://youtu.be/s_KYdJKGtYk

“This is why we hold vigils at Farmer John Slaughterhouse. We are not there to show and express our anger, it’s not about us at all. We are there for them, to give these emotional, imaginative, and complex beings the opportunity to experience love and kindness.

This is a right shared equally by all life on the this planet, a right that has been stolen from them and replaced with unimaginable suffering. Los Angeles Animal Save holds vigils so these innocent animals can experience a small amount of the kindness that was taken from them. To hold space for them and their suffering and allow them to feel seen.” -Bobby Sud
In the words of Mary Oliver,
“I tell you this
to break your heart,
by which I mean only
that it break open and never close again
to the rest of the world.”

Connect with Bobby ⇩
Instagram: https://instagram.com/bobbysud

Connect with Los Angeles Animal Save ⇩
Instagram: https://instagram.com/laanimalsave
Facebook: https://facebook.com/laanimalsave
Website: https://laanimalsave.org

To learn more about pig vigils and other animal vigils check out Animal Save Movement: https://thesavemovement.org

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