We Can’t Keep Pretending Nothing is Happening #shorts

We Can’t Keep Pretending Nothing is Happening #shorts

Today, on World Environment Day, we want to reiterate the urgency of the climate crisis we are going through and how the greatest impact we can have on its mitigation at an individual level is by switching to a plant-based diet 🌱
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Here are other shocking pieces of information:

“How do we make people see that in 2022 we can’t afford to just pretend that nothing is happening?⁠

Don’t you think it’s a bit contradictory to say that we are concerned about the climate crisis while financing the main sector that destroys ecosystems?⁠

🌽 Soybeans and monocultures are mostly destined to feed animals.⁠

🥩Most greenhouse gas emissions from the food industry come exclusively from meat.⁠

🐄Only 2,500 dairy cows produce as much waste as 411,000 people.⁠

🥦Plant-based foods produce 20 times more protein than raising animals for meat or eggs.⁠

🧍If we transition to a vegan food system in Latin America and the Caribbean, we would create 19 million stable jobs.⁠

🌳80% of the destruction of the Amazon is caused by activities related to the animal industry.⁠

💸 Meat only has the accessible price it has because its price does not reflect the climatic costs that its production entails. ⁠If it did, it would be 146% more expensive.”

But are we still consuming animals?⁠

We have access to information, we have the knowledge, we have everything we need to change our lifestyles and advocate for changes around us…⁠

What are we waiting for?⁠”

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