We Have Worked for Years to Expose This

    You’re invited to join us as we celebrate 35 years of Farm Sanctuary!
    👉 Watch the full interview: https://youtu.be/0Ex7ix-Geyc

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    “The event is about celebrating and bringing people together from our community to talk about what sanctuary has meant… for ourselves and for our movement: a world that is based on kindness and compassion, instead of one that is based on exploitation and extraction, which is sort of a benchmark of our current food system.

    And over the years… beginning in 1986, we have worked to expose the abuses of animal agriculture, expose the systems of oppression around it, and to try to create and encourage alternatives, such as eating plants instead of animals, and also seeing animals and perceiving animals as friends, not food.

    So the power of sanctuary is really the power of living in alignment with our own values and interests, living in a way we can feel good about…”
    – Gene Baur, Farm Sanctuary

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