What is AFOTS? (highlight)

What is AFOTS? (highlight)

On the second of every month, thousands of vegan activists unite across the globe to raise awareness of the plight billions of animals endure every day on their way to slaughter. In this highlight founder of Animals First on the Second, Izzy Jacobus, discusses what AFOTS is and how this form of activism can have a large impact on those around you.
Watch the full interview: https://youtu.be/Ybvu2KGonBw

“Animals first on the second, or as the acronym is AFOTS, is a vegan advocacy campaign that occurs monthly every month on the second day of the month. We fast for 24 hours to bring attention to one of the many ways that we treat animals poorly, which is by starving them on the way to the slaughterhouse. And so we wear an enigmatic mark on our hand to signify our fasts in hopes to encourage questions about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.” -Izzy Jacobus

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