What Is Pig Thumping and Is It Rare?

What Is Pig Thumping and Is It Rare?

The true horrors of what we do to animals is well hidden. 😕💔⁠

And when some truths are revealed, people think; “that must be a one off,” or “that’s not the standard though, surely?” 🤔⁠

Oh but it is. Animals that are viewed as commodities are treated like they mean nothing. And workers are forced to do traumatising work that most people wouldn’t dream of doing in their worst nightmares. 😰⁠

Ramona was lucky to make it out, when most never will. Go vegan to take a stance against all of this. 🙏💚⁠

Thanks to @lancasterfarmsanctuary for sharing this with us, and for all their amazing work. 🐷❤️⁠

Some Images including thumbnail from We Animals Media / Jo-Anne McArthur

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