What Is Speciesism? #shorts

What Is Speciesism? #shorts

Speciesism is a set of practices based on the idea that some species of animals are morally more relevant than others and deserve more rights.⁠
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Like other forms of discrimination, this idea translates into the domination and exploitation of individuals who are considered inferior or less worthy of consideration simply because they belong to a group, in this case, a species.⁠

Although in many cases it is not exercised consciously, speciesism is widely extended in daily practices.⁠

To think that it is morally acceptable for some products to be tested on animals so that humans can use them is speciesism. Even if you don’t think so, when you buy cleaning and grooming products or makeup tested on animals, to give some examples, you are acting in a speciesist way.⁠

Better, choose products free of animal testing and contribute to social change.⁠

Don’t discriminate, don’t be a speciesist, go vegan ♥⁠

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