What Makes It Okay to Kill Animals for Food? | Born Vegan

What Makes It Okay to Kill Animals for Food? | Born Vegan

Here is a clip from our upcoming episode with former science teacher and vegan living expert, Sarina Farb who was raised vegan and runs the YouTube channel Born Vegan! Watch the premiere this Thursday!

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“For me it’s about trying to get to the root issue of… what your beliefs are. Because one, I think most people actually agree with the basic idea of veganism. They agree that it’s wrong to hurt animals unnecessarily.
So i want to show them that that’s their belief and their actions just aren’t in alignment with that.

But two, I don’t think most people are actually anti-speciesist yet.
They might agree it’s wrong to hurt animals unnecessarily, but I think they usually think animals are lesser than us somehow. I ask questions to get to the why.” – Sarina Farb

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