Who Suffered for your outfit? #shorts #youtubeshorts #fashion

Who Suffered for your outfit? #shorts #youtubeshorts #fashion

Who SUFFERED for your outfit?

FUR: Millions of terrified fur-bearing #animals are bred on dismal fur farms, where they are gassed, bludgeoned, internally electrocuted or killed by other violent methods that avoid damaging their fur. Their fur is then ripped from their bodies and sold to become jackets, accesories, and #fur trim. Even more animals are caught in the wild, where they suffer for pro-longed periods in traps until they are killed.

DOWN/FEATHERS: Meat and foie gras producers profit twice off of ducks and geese; once for selling their bodies and again for their feathers. Some birds have their feathers removed during slaughter, while other terrified, fully conscious birds are manhandled and undergo “live plucking.” Birds who are subjected to live plucking are restrained while handfuls of feathers are ripped from their bodies which leaves behind bloody wounds.

SHEEP’S WOOL/SHEEPSKIN: Sheep naturally produce a thick coat of wool to insulate their bodies. Genetically modified sheep created by the wool industry produce excessive amounts of wool that is shorn from their bodies for profit. Wild sheep do not need to be sheared of their wool.

Young lambs raised for their wool undergo a horrific procedure called mulesing, which involves restraining the animals and cutting large chunks of skin from their backsides. When sheep are typically between 6-12 months old, they are roughly handled and violently shorn of their wool with sharp blades. They may suffer from deep cuts and injuries as a result of the shearing process. Sheep used for wool are typically sent to slaughter so their bodies can be eaten and their skin is used to make #boots and #accessories.

LEATHER: While leather is produced from many animals, a large percentage comes from cows who have been slaughtered for #meat. The gruesome and agonizing process of hacking the skins from terrified cows’ bodies may even occur while the animal is still alive. Investigations have shown that imported leather has come from slaughtered #cats and #dogs.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Take the Vegan #Fashion Pledge today: https://drove.com/.2Cqw

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