Why Aren’t There Books Vegans Can Enjoy? (highlight)

Why Aren’t There Books Vegans Can Enjoy? (highlight)

The first highlight from our interview with New Zealand animal rights advocate and author, M C Ronen.
Watch the full interview: https://youtu.be/5X98eR7Kenk

“I just couldn’t stop writing. Because I wanted something that we can use as outreach, that at the same time we can use to educate non-vegans. And at the same time can be celebrated by vegans themselves. Because it’s something you can read and really feel that it’s our book.
It’s ours.
It’s for us.” -M C Ronen

Get M C Ronan’s book ‘The Shed’

‘The Shed is about Sunny, a girl living in a community on a farm in a seemingly apocalyptic world. The farm is electrically fenced and has strict rules that are firmly observed, and especially the rule that girls like Sunny must not enter The Shed, an impending building inside the farm. Only grown women are allowed in, but even then, some who go in never come back. One day strange things start happening. Flying objects appear in the sky and the farm is raided in the middle of the night. One of Sunny’s friends is among those taken. A few years later, when Sunny’s friends are summoned to The Shed, Sunny‘s mother orders her to take her best friend and escape from the farm. But Sunny’s path of escape still leads her right inside The Shed. What will she find there? Will she be able to escape? Why was the farm raided and what world awaits beyond it?’

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