Why is Animal Agriculture So Awful? ๐Ÿ’”

Why is Animal Agriculture So Awful? ๐Ÿ’”

Animal agriculture is awful to pigs. 😨

They suffer some of the worst levels of confinement of any animal, in gestation and farrowing crates. Where they cannot show love to their own babies, or enjoy even the most basic of needs – like freedom of movement, for months at a time. Can you imagine the terror? 😔

We witnessed here only seconds of a life lived in extreme confinement. On average a mother pig will survive 3 years of constant pregnancies and imprisonment, before she will be sent to slaughter. 💔

None of this is necessary. We can just go vegan, and bring an end to this barbarity. 🐷

🎥: @veganfta | @vegangaze
Footage from: Ben N.C. Hoffmeister and @vegangaze

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