Why is Cow Branding Considered NORMAL? 🐮💔

Why is Cow Branding Considered NORMAL? 🐮💔

Cow branding might seem “normal” because it’s a traditional practice, but its impact on the cows is far from benign. 🐮

This outdated method involves burning or marking the skin of cows with hot irons to indicate ownership, causing immense pain and distress to these gentle animals. 🐮💔⁣

The process of branding inflicts severe burns on the cows, often without proper anesthesia or pain relief. Not only does this cause immediate suffering, but it also increases the risk of infection and long-term complications. 👎

We just don’t need to be doing this to cows at all, when we have vegan options for both food and fashion. 🙏💚

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Clips from @AnimalSaveMovement / Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary / Marc Pieterse

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